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Poker player types

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

There are about 100 million poker players all over the world playing at different internet gambling sites. Almost each and every poker player can be easily categorized in order to know what type of strategy you can use to beat him or her. The profiling of the poker players seems to be a rather complex technique but once you get to know how you should do it, things will get easier and your games plus the chances of winning will definitely increase.

Poker is a game where you must always hide your feelings and the expression of your face must never give out information to the other players. Poker is the type of game where the pots are being raised even if you have a premium hand or you hold absolutely nothing at all. Based on the methods and strategies that the players are using, they can be situated in 4 main categories. Under these circumstances, any new player that enters a casino or plays over the internet is going to be part of one of these following 4 categories: Tight Passive, Tight Aggressive, Loose Passive and Loose Aggressive.

The moment when you will get the skills to tell fast what type of player you have in front of you, you will be able to be in control of the game better and to know exactly how you should adapt your online poker strategy to each of the players that you have in front of you when you play poker online.

Tight Passive – These players are those that will not raise or call you unless they have a really strong hand. This way in case a tight passive player calls you, you must have something strong to back up your future bets against him.

Tight Aggressive – The tight aggressive poker players will sometimes be winning players. These are normally considered to be some of the toughest opponents that you will encounter at the Texas Hold’em tables. It is always best that you avoid playing against these players, because they usually know what they are doing and the overall profit that you will get from playing against them is generally going to be low. They can be spotted easily thanks to the fact that they are only bluffing occasionally and that they only play aggressively the moment when they get a strong hand.

Loose Passive – this type of player is usually also known as a calling station. This is happening because these players will always have a tendency of calling any bet or raise that you make. These players are usually beginners that have little or no idea how to play poker. This means that you can easily beat these players.

Loose Aggressive – These players are going to be a little bit harder to beat thanks to the fact that this strategy is highly effective and lucrative at the same time. These players are very popular for the fact that they are using some daring gambles and at the same time some insane bluffs.

Free Poker Sites Provide The Ideal Way To Play

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

There are many things that help to make up a great poker site but for many people, the cost will always be a factor. This makes perfect sense, especially with the current economic downturn as people realise that they do not have as much disposable income as they would like to have. Being able to spend money freely is a luxury that not everyone can afford but this is something that a number of online poker sites are coming to terms with. This is why there are a number of free poker sites that can help players get their poker thrills without having to break the bank.

Free poker sites are the financial option of choice

Free poker sites are absolutely perfect for players who want to develop their skills without losing too much money. Online poker is hugely popular at the moment but this means that there are many players playing. This could lead to a situation where the good players win the majority of the time and the poorer players find that their financial resources start to become depleted rather quickly. Being able to play against other poker players is a great way to pick up new skills and free poker sites are an excellent for players to develop skills.

Free poker sites are also ideal for poker players who like to play for the fun and spirit of the game. Yes, some people will have serious dreams and ambitions of becoming a professional poker travelling the world for big money games but this is not the dream of everyone. Some poker players are happy to relax while playing some hands of poker after a hard day or week at work. These free poker sites are the perfect way for more casual poker players to enjoy their playing time without having to worry about how much money they are paying out for the privilege.

Free poker sites give you tournaments

However, there are some free poker sites that are giving players the chance to take part in tournaments and win big money or poker bonuses. This is probably down to the high levels of competition in the online poker market and the fact that so many sites are keen to welcome new members. If you can win a lot of money without having to pay anything you would be absolutely delighted and it would be one of the biggest achievements in a poker player’s career. Poker can be a fun activity but with the chance to win a great deal of money, it is obviously something that is of importance on a number of levels.

Even though the free poker sites may not be the ones that immediately come to mind when thinking about online poker, they are becoming more popular and well known. This can only be a good thing and the success of these free poker sites will likely lead to more in the future. This will be great news for the players but the current free poker sites are definitely the ones to trust as they have already developed their reputation and popularity with online poker players.