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What is a poker website

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

So have you made up your mind to play poker online? “What is a poker website?” This is the first thing that you must know about. A poker website is nothing but an online poker room. In this online poker room different online poker games can be played. By just sitting in your house in front of your PC you can play poker games with all sorts of joy.

Now a question will be raised in your mind – How will I find for a poker website on the internet? Well, it is very easy. You may also think “Is poker rules are difficult to understand?” Well, it is easy to understand poker rules. By following these 10 simple steps you can play poker online easily.

1. First navigate to Google site and then enter “Online Poker” in the Google search and then click search. Now Google will list you number of online poker websites. Now from this huge list select any one online poker website which very well suits your requirements. When you register in any poker website don’t forget to look for a no deposit poker bonus.

2. Once you’ve chosen an online poker site navigate to the homepage of that online poker site and click on .exe file to download to your Pc or laptop. Now start installing the downloaded poker software on your PC or laptop.

3. Most of the online poker sites offers flash version (no downloading stuffs). If you don’t like to download the software to your PC navigate to Instant Play button and click it to play online poker games.

4. Now open the poker software that you’ve installed in your PC and complete all the required information in order to register as a new player in the sign-in window. Important Note: Keep in mind that fake information must be avoided while you are registering at an online poker website. The reason behind this is when you are withdrawing your funds you will be asked to verify your identity. If the identity doesn’t match with the information that you’ve given, then online poker website will ban your account and all your money will be held.

5. Log in into the poker area. Here you can discover all the details about the different poker games and table that are available.

6. If you want to obtain skills or if you want to attempt online poker games navigate to Play for Fun and click it to play poker online game free with the use of fun money.

7. If you think you’ve got some good skills and very much qualified to play for real money, you must make a deposit. The deposit can be made easily by using your credit card or by using your online payment.

8. Once you have made the deposit from your credit card or by using your online payment, your account balance will be shown in the cashier screen.

9. Now choose a Poker game that you like to play.

10. Now join in any poker table and start playing online poker games such as Seven Cards Stud Poker, Poker, Texas Hold’em, etc.

11. If you come across any problem while playing online poker games, navigate to customer care and contact them and they will solve the problem with in one day.

My online poker story

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Here is how I got more involved into online poker.

So after doing terribly in school my freshman year, the University decided I could go back, but they would no longer be paying for me. My parents don’t exactly make a ton of money, so they aren’t paying for me to go back. And with that, I have been forced into the life of a proffessional poker player.

I had quit my job back in April as I was sick of the long drive from school to home just to go to the job, and I could make more playing poker anyway. It was a really really great job for a kid my age. I was an assistant manager and projectionist at a small movie theatre.

Basically the other manager and I played chess and backgammon in the office, talked about whatever, listened to Benfica soccer matches on the radio, and got change for the employees out on the floor every once in a while. Oh well, enough reminiscing about my old job, this is a poker blog. This will be my introduction, the first results oriented post will be next. Let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses in my game.

Strengths: Proficient at all games. Absolutely fearless. I think big. I have developed a pretty darn good tolerance for bad beats. And I know how to get good deals like the pokerstars marketing code 2015. Pokerstars is my favorite room, I also play a bit at Full Tilt and Carbon Poker. But pokerstars has incomparable traffic and game choices, so I almost always play there unless I am drunk.

Weaknesses: I’m too loose at full tables. I’m too aggressive at full tables. I am the laziest pro you will ever speak to. If I put in 5 hours in a day, that is above average. The number of hours I play each day is directly related to how many full house re-runs are on TV. Once playoff baseball is on TV, forget it. I can’t play $3/$6 limit or lower very seriously anymore. I can’t play .50/$1 PL and NL games very seriously anymore.

My take on putting in hours: I don’t stress my hours like I once did. If I can get in a solid 8 or 12 hour session and play well through the whole thing I do. If I can only play three hours or less at optimum concentration level then I play three hours. The important thing is that you sit down to play and function your best. Sometimes sitting in a room with some noise is best for me, even if it is TV in a language I don’t speak or some music, sometimes I need silence to focus on the task at hand. If the TV is a distraction, turn it off and turn on some tunes, if the music distracts you try silence.