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Terrible Losing Streak

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

As the title says, I’ve been on a terrible, awfull, no good, very bad losing streak. It started Monday night when I lost $50 from going on tilt. This was my first time on tilt in who knows how long, but its really been ages since.

I was playing $.25/$.50 NL, had AA, pushed it very hard the whole way, ended up going all-in on the turn for a $6 bet, and was called by some guy with 23s and just a pair of 2s from the flop and absolutely no draws or possible draws. Well, he called an all-in with 2s, and rivered the third duece to bust me of my $15. I could feel myself going on tilt. I can usually control this, but not that night. I rebought for $15, blew it somehow, probably somehow stupidly. I moved to $.50/$1 NL, bought-in for $20, and blew that. I luckily stopped there for the night, down $50.

Yesterday went just fine until last night, when yet again, nothing went right. I ended up 3-tabling $.50/$1 NL and losing a good deal of money in the process. I believe I ended that night down $60. Which was even more unfortunate because that day I had actually done quite well. I had made back about $30 of the previous $50 that I had lost.

Well, today was again unfortunate. I tried out limit ring tables again, and remembered why I had left them. I lost $30 there. I tried plenty of MTTs, all missing the money. I tried no limit ring tables again, did very poorly. Just nothing went right. I know we’ve all been there. The cards don’t come. When they do, you either get sucked out on, run into something better, or just don’t hit.

That last statement brings me to my next point. I hate AK. I truly hate it. I can never win with it. I raise preflop, I get callers. I miss the flop and bet at it, I get reraised over the top. Happens every time. But the thing is, I can never bring myself to fold it preflop, and probably never just limp and fold if I miss.

Tonight, I told myself I wasn’t going to play on PokerStars. Well, I regretfully opened it up, saw the Quadruple Shootout, and decided to play. And in the very first hand of the tournament my pocket rockets were cracked by 88 when the lucky player got an 8 on the river.

Yes, that is the very first hand. The idiot goes all-in with a king on the flop and just 8s. I figured he was on a flush draw, but I decided to take my chances. And he (or maybe she) has the nerve to brag about it afterwards. Well, a break is in order. I’m taking the rest of the night off, and probably tomorrow for Thanksgiving.