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November Nine decided

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The WSOP 2010 version is finally completed except for the final table of the main event that takes place in November since 2008, adding to the buzz.

This is a way to keep the momentum going with tournament passion even after the WSOP is over, as fans will have to wait another four months before knowing who the new World Champion is. They will have time to learn about the nine contestants who made it to the final table. As most of them are unknown to the public, this is a good way to show that anyone can make it and possibly win millions.

Certainly a good marketing idea for the world or poker, reminiscent of what they did with the Olympics Games. They used to occur every four years but they realized that the Winter Games seemed overshadowed by the Summer games, wasting many marketing dollars. So now there is an event every two years, alternating Summer and Winter Games. This way people get more interested in such events instead of having an overdose of it every 4 years.

So we have 4 months to learn about the lucky November Nine, and bookmakers have already started the betting. Odds follow roughly chip stacks as there is not much else to rely on, except if there is a pro. Last year the great name who made it to the final table was Phil Ivey. This year only one pro made it, it is Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi.

What is truly amazing is that Michael has already won a bracelet at the WSOP 2010, winning the prestigious $50,000 ‘The Poker Player’s Championship’ for a massive prize of $1,559,046. This event is considered almost as (for some more) prestigious as the main event. It used to be based on HORSE but has been widened to an 8-game format. This determines a truly well rounded poker champ, and this is why some think the winner is the true champion as the main event is in the more specialized no-limit Texas Hold’em variation.

If Micheal were to win the main event, this would be an unprecedented achievement. Mizrachi is 7th in stack but all is possible. After all Joe Cada was also 7th in stack last year. And Micheal is no joke, as he also has two WPT bracelets under his belt.

Good luck to all the November Nine.